Speaking at SQLNexus and SQLGrillen!

Whoa, we’re allready in February!
After a great SQLSatSlovenia – fantastic city and awesome event by the way – I decided to submit some sessions for SQLNexus (2/5-3/5-17) for the fun of it.

And out of the blue, I got an e-mail last week telling me that my session ” Don’t cross the streams! (A closer look at Stream Analytics)” had been selected! Azure Stream Analytics is a subset of the T-SQL language, which makes for annoying limitations at times for people used to T-SQL. Yet since it has a very specific role to play, this session is on trying to show you how to make the best use of the language.
I’m ever so slightly nervous, yet also very happy to get the chance to deliver this session. SQLNexus is one of – if not the largest MS Data Platform events in the Nordics.

And to make this first 6 months of 2017 even better, I recently got the news that my session on introduction to Azure IOT was accepted to SQLGrillen on 2/6-17, a German event organized by the allways enthustiastic William Durkin. I had submitted a session when the call for speakers was announced in October, and was really pleased when I was accepted. They went from 10 submissions last year to about 190 this year, so being one of the few to be able to speak here was humbling. And hey, who doesn’t want to attend an event with the motto “Databases, Bratwurst & Beer”?
The event is even sold out allready!

I’ve submitted sessions to a few other events this spring as well, but so far these two are the only ones I’ll be speaking at. Time will tell if this changes. 🙂 Just being lucky enough to speak at 2 events is fantastic!