New year’s resolutions

Well, I really don’t do new year’s resolutions. I tend to fail miserably on them for some reason.

But this year, I’ve decided to have a few.

The first one is this blog here, I found that I run into stuff at work that for some reason I need to get off my chest without bothering my poor wife.
So, a blog should be the perfect solution. Who knows, I might post something others find useful as well?

Secondly, I plan on getting better at speaking at events. And the only way of doing that is to get practice.
So; I need to come up with topics that are interesting enough to share – and then spend time sending these off to event organizers to see if someone bothers inviting me.

Surprisingly, it seems I’ve managed to spark some interesting ideas. So far I’ve been invited by Boris Hristov to participate in one of his SQL Hangouts – which is really cool.
I’ll leave it to him to announce the date, but I’m really looking forward to this – the SQL Hangouts tend to be fun to watch at least.

Secondly, I’ve been given the chance to hold my second webinar for the PASS BI virtual chapter. Date to be announced when they release the February schedule, but I’ll be talking about PowerBI, SSAS Tabular and Azure.
I’m really amazed at this development, and hope I can continue the year as well as it starts – but only time will tell.